Through the amazing power of microbial cell factories, we deliver top-quality nutraceuticals and additives that boost the nutrition value and health benefits of various food and cosmetic products.

Pharma Intermediates

Using cutting-edge technologies in synthetic biology and metabolic engineering, we develop microbial strains for producing pharma intermediates and plant-based small molecule drugs in a green and sustainable fashion.

Flavor & Fragrance

Appealing taste and scent is a recipe for success in the increasingly competitive Flavor & Fragrance market nowadays. Our expertise in synthetic biology allows us to manufacture mouth-watering flavor and aroma compounds in a way that is much more natural and environmentally sustainable than the conventional chemistry-based production methods.

Feed Additive

Our cutting-edge biotechnologies are crucial for the development of novel, low-cost and more effective animal feed additives, which help meet the increasing food demand of the world population, reduce greenhouse gas emission from farm animals, and eliminate antibiotic abuse in livestock across the globe.